Tropical Smoothie Detox Bowl

Tropical Smoothie Detox Bowl

February 18, 2016

This is a smoothie for people who hate smoothies.

Usually relegated to punishment for an indulgent weekend, brief but fervent moments of health-consciousness or intensely regimented diets, smoothies are often boring, unsatisfying and unappealing visually. Not to mention they virtually ALL use bananas as a thickening agent. Blech. Don’t tell me you can’t taste them in a smoothie – YOU CAN TASTE THEM and they taste like bananas.

But the real problem for me is, they are just so… smooth. Like eating nothing. Or worse, like eating something that FEELS like nothing and that you’re being forced to eat because you are unable to chew or perceive texture due to a tragic injury.

Smoothie bowls fix this egregious error of viscosity by making the smoothie play support to a riotous parade of interesting, textural toppings. Teensy, crunchy chia seeds, creamy and toothsome cashews, bumpy berries or chewy dried fruit – the possibilities are practically endless to liven up the uninspired smoothness of smoothies. Join me in making this Tropical Smoothie Detox Bowl, and together we can fix what is wrong with the classic blended meal.

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Bison Ribeye, Chile Oil Sweet Potato Purée and Blistered Shishitos with Coconut Milk Drizzle

Bison Ribeye, Chile Oil Sweet Potato Purée and Blistered Shishitos

January 19, 2016

It’s been fish and veggie-centric in our house the past week or two, as we ask our bodies to forgive the horrors visited upon them over the holidays. Bowls of greens such as Abby Salad with smoked salmon, seared tuna with mixed citrus and avocado salad and power greens with prosciutto, ricotta and grapefruit have brought peace and equilibrium to our nutrient-starved forms. With balance restored, it’s time to introduce some heartier fare back into the rotation.

Steak night.

Sometimes there’s just no beating the primal lure of a sizzling hot, juice-drizzling, salted slab of meat. But, worry not, steak night can be done in a way the doesn’t wreck your newly- formed good habits! When indulging with one ingredient in a meal, it always makes sense to counter with healthy, filling accompaniments that won’t tip the scales.

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Italian Cream Cake with Salted Cream Cheese Frosting (High Altitude)

August 20, 2015

Every year since Jason and I married, I attempt to whip up a replica of our wedding cake – an Italian cream cake – in honor of the occasion. A dreamy confection made up of coconut and nut-flecked batter topped with a swirl of cream cheese frosting, the cake is the perfect edible anniversary gift. Just one problem, though.

Cake is my archenemy.

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