Inspiration For The Amateur Gourmet

Do you wake up in the morning and start dreaming of what you’re going to cook today? Spend your afternoons comparing recipes for a dish you want to create? I spend most of my day obsessing about food. What am I going to eat now? What am I going to eat later? How can I make something special to serve the people I love tonight? Is it lunchtime yet? Will my grocery store have rainbow carrots or am I going to have to settle for unicolor?!

If your mind is a tangled mess of seasonal ingredients, new cooking techniques, and twists on traditional dishes, then welcome, friend. We’re going to make some delicious
things together.

Delicious in Denver is a meeting place for the amateur gourmet – for the self-trained home cook with a penchant for unfamiliar cooking methods and new recipes. With inspiration from local dishes, travel, seasonal produce and my every-day cravings, I’m excited to share Instagram-worthy dishes that let you revel in and improve upon your passion for cooking.

If you are someone who cares about the freshness of your ingredients, the perfection of your sear, and the visual appeal of your plating – then takes said plate in front of the television to eat and Netflix binge (because, hey, this is reality) with your friends or significant other, I want to know you.

And I hope you’ll want to know me, too!

About Me

I’m Jenny Clawson, want to cook together? We totally should, I’m sure you’re amazing. What’s that? You want to talk about the way you sing the Space Jam theme song out loud when you’re cooking? Or how to elevate your celebratory cake with naked cake decorating (not exactly what it sounds like – or is it)? Maybe you’re getting a little tired of the total earth domination that is pumpkin spice during the fall? Totally normal, I knew we’d get along.

If you like these things, and also pugs (like my pampered, too-clever-by-half pooch Gizmo), the great state of Texas (my homeland), the Mile-High City of Denver (my new homeland), Texas A&M University (where I met my handsome, witty, encouraging and long-suffering husband, Jason) and long walks on the beach, we might be a match.

Wear an apron, things might get messy.