Lola Savannah Taste of Texas Coffee

November 14, 2020 0 Comments

Katy always wanted a donut wedding cake.

Some girls like their fancy fondant, others their delicate swirls and dollops of buttercream, but no my sister has always danced to the beat of her own drum. Paying no heed to the restraints of wedding pretense, she held fast to the notion of a sugary, breakfast-themed confectionary delight.

Though the notion would give traditional wedding-goers a case of the vapors, as co-Matron of Honor (with my other sister, Anna) and planner of the wedding shower, it was within my powers to satisfy this particular whim. And let’s be real, can anyone honestly resist the seductive lures of a towering donut cake?

Brunch-themed shower it is, then.

Breakfast is actually an excellent premise for any gathering, with endless quick-cooking and make-ahead options for treats both savory and sweet. Structuring the menu to let the five-tiered, donut-festooned cake shine, we planned on a supporting cast of mostly savory options. We had an apologetically nutrient-rich (but still delectable) butternut squash and kale whole wheat tart, a baked oatmeal studded with dried apricots, almonds, cashews and coconut, chicken and waffle skewers with chipotle syrup, a guava and orange juice mimosa bar and of course, coffee.

Because what are donuts without coffee?!

Perusing the aisles of Central Market one of my go-to stops anytime Im back home in Fort Worth we stood amidst towering columns of burnished beans, flavors and variations for every inclination. Inhaling the heady, aromatic scent of coffees mingling above the aisles, we came across a collection from Houston-based Lola Savannah.

With enticing offerings like Roasted Chestnut Creme, German Chocolate and Vanilla Cinnamon Pecan, I hemmed and hawed trying to decide until I stumbled upon their Taste of Texas flavor. Ever since leaving home for Denver, I get super nostalgic about the motherland at the least provocation; but my feelings of kinship and statehood are never more inflamed than when I’m back for a visit.

The coffee beckoned with descriptions of southern pecan tempered with buttery cream, and I was powerless to resist. I snatched up a bag and ran it through the grinder, releasing the toe-curling fragrance of fresh ground coffee. The next day, shortly before the shower, the coffee maker sputtered and brewed next to two generations of delicate china cups. An aroma of roasted nuts and honeyed cream filled the kitchen and spilled into the den, soon to be flooded with the celebratory laughter of friends and family.

Wrapping up the final touches before the guests arrived, I snuck a spare donut and a cup of the steaming coffee to carry me through the day after a late night of party prep. A long, slow sip revealed up a bouquet of toffee and pecans, tempered by tones of rich, golden butter. Smooth, smoky notes of maple syrup were underscored by the bitter bite of pecan shells a perfect palate cleanser to cut the accompanying donuts sugar and fat.

Restored, I couldn’t help but think Katy might have had the right idea all along

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